Allows Security in real time to act fast when one of your team needs assistance.




Civil aviation, Transport, Mining, Shipping, Fisheries, Telecom.


Front End: Android(Kotlin),Ios(Swift 4), JSP, JavaScript, JQuery

Back End: Ruby on Rails

Database: Postgres

Third Party API: One signal, Google map APIs, AWS - EC2, RDS, SNS, S3.

In-App Features

Help Request User requests help by pressing help button within the app.
Automated Check-Ups User is sent automated notification checking if they are safe.
Notification of No Response If user does not respond, incident managers/ TeLoRa monitoring centre is alerted that user has not responded and may not be okay.
Pre Shift Reminder User is sent a reminder of their upcoming shift. User needs to respond to confirm they are still on track for this shift. If user does not respond, the incident manager/TeLoRa monitoring centre is notified.
On-Site Confirmation The TeLoRa app notifies incident managers/TeLoRa monitoring centre if user is not on-site at shift start.
Shift Extensions User can extend their end time of their shift manually, ensuring continual check-ups.
Final Destination Alerts At a predetermined time post shift, users will receive an automated check-up to ensure they have reached their final destination.
Leaving Geofence Alerts Incident managers/TeLoRa monitoring centre are alerted any time a user leaves site during their shift.
Shift No Show If a user does not arrive for their shift, incident managers/TeLoRa monitoring centre will be alerted.
Location Services Deactivation Alert Incident managers/TeLoRa monitoring centre is alerted if a user turns off their location services during a shift. The users app is also disabled until the location service is reactivated.
User Early Log Out Incident manager/TeloRa monitoring centre is alerted if a user logs out the app before the end of a shift.
Internal Incident Managers Your business allocates staff to act as incident managers on your behalf.
TeLoRa External Incident Monitoring The TeLoRa 24/7 monitoring centre receives all alerts generated by your users and takes action on your behalf based on pre-determined rules agreed upon by your business.

App Benefits

Telora Case study

Available on all devices, mobile apps and desktop management software.

Telora Case study

Automated check-ups, workers do not need to remember to sign in to their shift.

Telora Case study

For all business sizes, TeLoRa is flexible to your needs and accommodates all check-in procedures and routines.

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Advanced geo-tracking available once an emergency distress signal is sent or a worker misses their check-up.

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Performing your duty of care - TeLoRa lets you rest assured your workers are safe and can access help whenever they need it.

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Final destination alerts ensure users get home safely after long shifts.

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Stores important documents for each user, for example: Medicare cards, private health insurance. driver's license, certificates and accreditations.

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Allocation of incident responders - any person, internal or external to your business, can be allocated to find and help a user in need. They are given instant access to last known locations and live tracking, medical information medications and next of kin details.

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Multiple incident managers can be allocated and informed of incidents (notifications can be snoozed when away, busy or off shift). Incidents can be monitored by your team or by the TeLoRa monitoring centre.

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Communication flow. Incident managers are all kept up-to date with incidents and the steps taken to resolve them. Business owners and area managers can also be kept up-to-date.

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Geofence alerts for users leaving a designated geofence.

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Pre-shift alerts to ensure users are running on time for their shifts. Shift start alerts to confirm the user is actually on site at the start of their shift.

The Result

Telora in Action …

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